Who we are

  • Defactim BV is part of the fast growing TRBT BV Group where traditional actuarial
    activities for pension funds and insurance companies are combined to the newworld-
    actuaries activities for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and data challenges.
  • Defactim BV consists of a network of entrepeneurial actuaries and others involved these topics. We have a big 4 background and a minimum experience of five years in change programs like Solvency II

What we do

  • Pensions-Actuaries

    Our Pensions actuaries can assist in both employer and employee challenges

    (1) Employer

    • Branche of trade pension funds calculations and attestation of equivalence
    • Pension plan integration or liquidation
    • Pan European pension plan incorporation

    (2) Employee

    • Pension consulting – for all individual questions
  • Interim-Actuaries

    Our Interim actuaries can assist in all fields related to insurance and pensions

  • NewWorld-Actuaries

    Our new world actuaries are on top of all new world developments like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and data challenges to be able to serve our clients with the latest technology

Where we are

  • We are based in Netherlands and expanding our partner network globally

When we work

  • When working for you we will always be clear on what you can expect when and for what costs

Why we would like to connect

  • Since new challenges keep on coming all available recourses worldwide need to connect
  • We can connect work and people globally